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Mary Rose inspired arrow bag

Mary Rose inspired arrow bag


Inspired by the fragments found on the wreck of the Mary Rose we have produce these arrow bags designed to keep your arrows in top condition during use and in storage.

The main body of the bag is a heavy unbleached linen canvas with a thick leather disk to keep your arrows seperated and safe even when laid down.

The canvas extends up to hand-lucetted tie and down to a leather thong at the base which can be untied and retied easily to adjust for your own specifice arrow length. The maximum is 32" for these bags with the top tied up.

The bag come in 4 designs, one the that will hold 7 arrows, one for 12, another for 24 and one with a stainless steel ring at the top instead of the leather spacer which allows it to be used with blunts or LARP arrows.

To finish we have sewn a strong leather thong to the side of the disk area for you to attach to your belt if required.

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