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Fantasy elf arrows (5/16")

Fantasy elf arrows (5/16")


This stunning handcrafted set of yellow and green arrows brings to mind crisp golden leaves, light through forest trees, and the distant song of the elven folk. Perfect for a LARPer or someone who loves fantasy.

Our stock 5/16" arrows are all spined to AMO band D, appropriate for;

25-30lb @ 30"

30-35lb @ 28"

35-40lb @ 27"

40-45lb @ 26"

45-50lb @ 25"

50-55lb @ 24"

This set has three yellow elven-style 4" fletchings bound with yellow cotton and green-stained shafts.

The arrows will be fitted with modkin or Victorian heads before despatch, state which required in the box below.

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